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Electrolysis is recognized as the only method of permanent hair removal and is one area of expertise at the office of Leigh Shine, R.E.

Leigh offers advanced electrolysis treatments in a pleasant atmosphere that emphasizes progressive care and efficient results. Clients can be confident that their treatment is a tried- and true method of effective, permanent hair removal.

Electrolysis removes unwanted hair and prevents hair regrowth. A fine sterile disposable needle is inserted into the hair follicle whereby a small amount of electrical energy is discharged. As a result, the germinating cells are destroyed and the hair’s ability to regenerate is eliminated.

Results are predictable, but every client is unique. The number of treatments required vary for each client and depends on an individual’s hair growth cycle, the type and amount of hair, previous hair removal methods, hormones and genetics, etc. Leigh works to develop a personalized treatment program for each client that is designed to meet the individuals needs in the shortest time. Her goal is to deliver optimal results exercising years of experience and specialized training.

Electrolysis is appropriate for men and women of all skin types, and on nearly all areas of the body.